A-Wing 1/55 Scale


RX-1 A-Wing
by Astrofossil

This project started out as an idea for a quick print to give to a friend that was visiting. We decided on this model of A-Wing because I thought it would print better. It was scaled to match the medium-sized Action Fleet series.

My printer malfunctioned and I ended up having to order a replacement part. Since it wasn’t going to be finished before the end of the visit anyway, I decided that I could take my time and add a custom paint job. These are the reference images that I used for the design:

A-Wing concept from mandalorianmercs.org
Rebels concept art by Ralph McQuarrie
How I laid out the print to minimize the need for supports.
All of the components after printing.

After it was assembled and I had started painting, I realized this thing really needed a stand. I threw one together very quickly in 3D builder and it worked great. I also printed a Mandalorian mythosaur skull stencil for use with an airbrush. The results really blew me away and I ended up using it to do some weathering, engine wash, and battle damage.

The jagged corners look bad, but get smoothed out by the print’s low resolution.

Project Images

A poor shot after the first color basecoat.
Finished paint and some detail and ready for airbrushing.
Close-up of the stencil results. Wish I would have used more contrast.
Prior to distressing with black via airbrush.
Added a blaster mark beside the canopy and another on a tail fin.
Close-up of engine wash.
The final result.