Armada Squadrons

These have the smallest details of anything I’ve painted. I am very pleased with how they turned out. I started with one of each squadron expansion pack (for cheap from Kingwood Hobbies) plus what comes with the core set. The most difficult part was deciding which color schemes to use.


Gladiator-class Star Destroyer

Here are some photos from my recent attempt to 3d print and paint a Gladiator-class star destroyer for use with Star Wars Armada.

First Attempt
Just after printing, still attached to the build plate.
After trimming excess and being glued together.
After the first coat of primer.
After several coats of primer and sanding.
After painting (with some battle damage from a print fail).

I washed it in black and then applied a chrome dry-brushing. I was not happy with it due to the resulting shine. I went back later and added a few additional matte coats to fix it up.

Too much chrome.
Final version after repaints.
Second Attempt
After further calibrating my printer, I decided to do a second attempt at a higher resolution to see what kind of results I could get.
You can clearly see the level of detail is much better.
Added sky blue to the engine exhaust.