LED-Lit Balcony

I wanted to create a balcony/overlook/overhang of some kind for Legion. I haven’t seen much in that regard at all. I started by trying to create something with Bespin / Cloud City vibes. Once I was finished with a first draft, I kept thinking it absolutely would have to have some lighting. I had been looking for a good excuse to do my own LED lighting and this was perfect. At first I tried a design with many smaller, evenly-spaced lights just like the movies.

I wasn’t totally satisfied with that (and it was going to be difficult to wire), so I started over from scratch. I’m very happy with the final result. I learned a lot about designing for LEDs and it will definitely improve my next design. The panels are extremely easy to customize. I went with a traditional Star Wars look for the walkways and a slightly modified version of the Imperial emblem (to make it a single piece). I also designed several different types of supports for mounting it.

My initial cloud city inspired design with many small lights.
My final design used just two large LEDs below the floor.

Power Unit

I’ve been making more terrain for Legion. This one came out really nicely. Very pleased with the ‘copper’ effect.


Ubrikkian 9000 Z001

I started collecting this SWCCG card for no particular reason back in the day. It probably had a little to do with the fact that it was so common and I jokingly wanted to one-up other people who were collecting multiples of a single rare card. When I saw this design, I had to make one immediately.