VT-49 Decimator




by wingzero-01-custom

This was the first large base ship that I have made for X-Wing Miniatures. I found a great source model that even included the stand. However, I was a little unhappy with the lack of details. I decided to try adding some myself.

Fusion360 has a great feature where you can import a vector image and use a projection of it to split faces on the model. I found a great line drawing of the Decimator and converted it to SVG for this purpose. After the new edges were in place, I adjusted the height of some of the panels and I dug out a 0.4mm trench where they represented gaps between panels.

SVG sketch overlaid on a 3d mesh body.
Freshly assembled Decimator on the left, Ghost on the right.

Overall, I was very happy with the result. I split the print into three pieces for the best orientation. I used some metallic paint and the red came out a little duller than I had hoped, but I think I achieved the ‘evil’ look I was going for.

Project Images